Self-Discipline: One of the Keys Towards Wellness

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

Jim Rohn, a motivational speaker from the United States, once said, “Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments.”

People would always ask me how I managed to stay fit while juggling work and my personal life. Even my son, Mikey, was amazed that I can squeeze in doing exercise despite being a busy bee. What they didn’t know was how I developed habits to discipline myself and prioritize my time well. They had no idea how much time I spend working out each day or how many times I had to stop myself from eating too much junk food. Although I’m not perfect, there are days, or weeks even, when I just allow myself to be lazy and eat whatever I want. While others call it cheat days, I call it treat days.

Wellness is something not achieved overnight. It is a lifelong voyage. We have to be constantly developing awareness of how we can live life to the fullest while maintaining an ideal state of well-being. To achieve our wellness goals, we have to develop this one crucial thing first: Self-discipline.

If we wish to attain wellness, we have to first understand that self-discipline can be challenging to develop within ourselves. Even so, it is a powerful tool for propelling us forward, motivating us, and keeping us focused. It is not self-deprivation; it’s a matter of rewarding ourselves at the right time. Self-discipline is formed through habits and habits do take time to build up.

To develop self-discipline, we must first identify our objectives, what inspires us to attain them, and what behaviors are preventing us from achieving them. Make a list of the steps you’ll take and your timetable. Then you can then begin your journey and track your progress from there. Start a checklist. Feel free to enlist the help of others to better assess your development.

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