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Self-Investment Brings Self-Profit

"This will come in handy someday,” I told myself as I took another certification class unrelated to my profession. The next thing I knew, I had taken up so many continuing education units.

On the bright side, those workshops and distance studies paid off. They became my investment to my next chapter after working in the aviation industry for so long.

Learning and experiencing new things is a form of self-investment. We work hard and barely have time to rest. Just like our physical bodies, our souls are also seeking ways to find rest.

When our souls need replenishment, we should not ignore it. We must attend to our spiritual needs. If our spirit is down, it affects our whole well-being.

Self-investment is one of the best gifts you give to yourself. It allows you to enjoy the fruits of your labor, and lets you live life more enjoyably. You will never know how life-changing something can be until you experience it!

Do you want to attend that virtual workshop simply because your favorite speaker is there? Go for it! Want to try some DIY projects you saw online? Just do it! Want to enroll in a Japanese class? Go ahead and learn a new language. When it comes to education and growth, splurge!

Do not box yourself in. You can't do that to yourself.

Every investment we make in our life is so worthwhile. It's a win-win situation at any angle. We don't lose anything, and we do get something valuable in return.

That is why self-investment always brings self-profit. Let’s live a life ignited. Subscribe to my blog!

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