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Seven Reasons Manifestations Don’t Work (Sometimes)

There is this one time I was just resting and decided to scroll through my Facebook feed. I saw some Facebook friends sharing this post with the captions: “Money cutie”, “Promotion cutie”, and so on. Think of anything under the sun and add “cutie” at the end. Then their manifestations came true, and I was overjoyed for them!

But let’s go on the flip side. What if manifesting doesn’t work? Have you ever tried to manifest anything you wanted but nothing happened? What is the explanation for this? Here are a few reasons below:

1.) Self-sabotaging thoughts

Doubts and anxieties are our greatest adversaries. The mind is powerful. Your thoughts become reality.

2.) Unclear manifestations

One thing in manifesting is that we should be specific with what we need.

3.) Not appreciating partial manifestations

Good things come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. How can we appreciate the big things if we can't appreciate the small things?

4.) Not taking action

It is not enough to simply wish. There should be some sort of action. To attract opportunities is to take action.

5.) It’s the ego talking

Sometimes we manifest things we don't actually need in order to appease our ego. Consider karma. If you do good, something good will return to you.

6.) Not trusting the process

The right things happen at the right time. Some of us tend to rush things only to get frustrated later on. Take a long, deep breath. Relax. Let go and trust in the cosmos.

7.) Fear of change

When manifestations are heard, it indicates that something in life is about to change. We must be prepared to make some changes so we can reach betterment.

Things may come up and cause us to lose sight of what we genuinely need. We may get distracted and overburdened. But that's okay; the great things that are meant for us will make their way to us.

Let’s welcome and have great things together. Let’s stay connected, subscribe to my blog!

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