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Stay Strong. Stay Weird. Stay Ahead.

A lot of well-known geniuses and innovators were thought to be ahead of their time. But that wasn’t the case back when they were just starting. They’re the misfits, the trouble-makers, the crazies — labelled as the round peg in a square hole. They would get jeered at and be shunned away until their ideas were proven correct in the future.

Here’s a interesting fact. Did you know that regular hand washing wasn’t recognized as a health protocol back then?

A 19th century doctor, Ignaz Semmelweis, noticed that mothers died because of a deadly disease. Later, he discovered that regular hand washing could minimize the spread of disease and reduce deaths. When he implemented regular handwashing in his department, the death rate dropped to zero. Unfortunately, the medical community rejected his ideas and mocked him. But later on, some scientists decided to look further into this practice, and proved he was right all along.

Today, handwashing became a standard health protocol — even before the pandemic. It became so prevalent that even children know how to wash their hands.

If you want to invent and build something new by challenging the status quo, be ready to be called a weirdo! You will face a lot of rejection and discouragement. People are afraid of the things they don’t understand, but sooner or later they will learn to appreciate them.

Be patient. Take courage and focus on what you do best, because that’s what you’re born to do. No one in the universe can replace and take over that unique role that you’re meant play in your lifetime. You are a unique being who’s been given unique gifts to be used in making this world a better place.

So, stay strong. Stay weird. Stay ahead.

Join in me in my quest to lead people to live a Life Ignited.

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