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Success Has No Deadline

Henry Ford made the Model T car at 45.

Charles Darwin published the book, “Origin of Species” at 50.

Harland Sanders started Kentucky Fried Chicken at 65.

Grandma Moses started her painting career at 78.

A lot of us felt pressured to be stable and successful at a certain age. I have met so many people who felt lost because they felt like they’re not getting any success. Whenever they would scroll in social media, they felt like their peers were faring way better than they do.

Success is more than fancy cars, fancy dinners, and wearing designer clothes with big shots.

Success is how we define it. It can be something like designing the elevator going to space or helping people reach their peak performance. Success is something made with a series of meaningful accomplishments. It entails prospering in the things that bring us joy in our hearts.

Each of us has our circumstances. We have our ways of harnessing our strengths, improving our weaknesses, and facing our obstacles. So stop comparing yourself to what you see on social media and get rid of your self-doubt. Don't put too much strain on yourself.

Just keep going and your success will follow.

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