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Teaching: Helping Others Shape the Future

When I first started in the aviation profession, I had to go through rigorous training to learn things that I didn't know was part of my job description. I learned Aviation Health & First Aid, how to fight fires, and deal with hijackers. I was taught survival swimming and life saving, jungle survival, crash landing emergency procedures, while being trained to deliver first class dining and inflight experience, and manage performance onboard of young flight attendants from different nationalities. After more than two decades of flying, I got the chance to be part of the leadership and development pool of trainers where I fell in love with training and coaching leaders.

As I started planning to clip my wings, I decided to pursue a career in wellness. I took tons of continuing education online while preparing for my repatriation. And then, went off to India for a month to take Yoga Teachers Training at Yogadarshanam School in Mysore. When I came back, I founded 22 Holistic Wellness Consulting, and soon realized that wellness is not enough. I joined Ignite House of Innovation, and eventually co-founded Ignite Centre for Peak Experience where I could take care of our well-being. I continued to coach and lead people to practice beyond wellness, and find deeper joy and meaning in life by aligning their purpose, and fulfilling their highest potential so that they can be whole.

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire,” William Butler Yates once said.

Think of knowledge as an eternal fire. It is a never-ending fire that illuminates the world. As teachers and mentors, we use that fire to ignite our torches. In turn, we light up torches of others so they can pass the fire on, light up more torches, and create a brighter future.

Teaching and mentoring are two ways to make a difference and impact the lives of others. When we mentor someone, we never know how far our influence can spread. Our imprint on them will go on as these individuals pass on what they have learned from us.

Learning and teaching are two sides of the same coin. We learn, teach, and then repeat. We are all both teachers and students at the same time.

Happy Teachers' Day to all of our educators! Who is your favorite teacher or mentor, and what have you learned from them?

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