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The Best Gift This Holidays

Christmas is just around the corner! We can see our neighbors putting up their Christmas decorations, kids caroling, and some attending the Misa De Gallo (or the early morning masses). A lot of us would be busy preparing aguinaldo and food for noche buena. We also start organizing our scehdules so we can visit all our loved ones.

I recall many Christmases being away from my family because I was up in the air assisting others in returning home for the holidays. I had to settle with long-distance phone conversations and Skype conferences to check in on my family back home.

Now all I can think of is how grateful I am to have that part of my live over. No more bidding for Manila flights just to spend 24 hours with my family. No worrying if I can get a last minute jumpseat, waiting along with other passengers who failed to make a booking ahead of time.

The pandemic may have changed the way we celebrate Christmas. Instead of going anywhere, we would simply set up a video call. We would send e-cards or dedicate a post on social media. We send our presents and money using courier services and payment systems, such as Gcash and Paymaya.

Technology has provided us with modern means to assist our hearts to reach out to others. People will always find creative ways to stay connected as we go on. We understand the value of personal connection and the brevity of life.

So let today be an opportunity to show our love to those around us. After all, the greatest gift we could give to our loved ones is our presence, whether physically or virtually. Quality time is so precious that it cannot be bought with money. It is something that cannot be returned. The memories will continue to live on.

"I believe that Christmas is truly in their hearts," according to Jose Mari Chan . Christmas is not all about the festive food, the Christmas trees, or the gifts. We can always find Christmas wherever we are as long as our hearts are full.

Let’s live a life ignited. Happy Holidays!

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