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The Diet Dilemma: Bridging Ourselves Towards Wellness

Let’s call back on the last episode of the Wellness Angel Channel which is all about Diet Dilemma.

I invited my friend and fellow yogi, Clara Day Herrera, to join us in this episode. We filled this podcast episode with insights on yoga, diet, meditation, and relaxation.

We talked about Clara’s book entitled “How To Never Diet Forever.” The aim of her book is about having freedom from the numbers that dictate us in our everyday lives. We can enjoy a life of freedom mixed with discipline and commitment.

To quote Clara’s book, “Life is magical only to anyone who pays attention to every moment of it.” There is no more power than the power of now. One way to manifest this is through mindful eating. If we crave something and receive it, we must first express our gratitude. Be thankful for the blessing. Then we involve every one of our five senses as we dig in. Relish every moment and then express thanks again once finished.

One way to uncover our inner truths and be our authentic selves is through meditation. What should we do in meditation? Through Clara's book, she had abbreviated it into IN 5Cs for easy recalling.

  • Intention. Set your intentions before doing your meditation practice.

  • Nadi Shodhana. This is a breathing technique that balances your lunar and solar bodies. It equalizes your energies and helps you cleanse your nasal passages.

  • Connect index finger and thumb. This gesture is the Gyan Mudra. It helps in balancing elements in your body.

  • Close your eyes. Focus on your pineal gland

  • Crown of your head. Do a body scan from the crown of your head. You can also start from the tips of your toes going up.

  • Count your breaths. Count them from twenty to one. Be mindful of how you inhale and exhale.

  • Come out of a meditative state. Do it slowly and feel its effects.

Meditation is a constant practice. Do not judge yourself if you make mistakes along the way.

Our bodies should be our best friends because we only have one. No food is good or bad. It's all about the way we consume it. Our bodies also need some TLC. Don’t feel guilty if you take a break from the hustle! We are all entitled to take care of ourselves. Regain our balance through meditation.

Remember, let us always choose what is authentic in our lives. If you feel like curating aesthetics to motivate yourself, go ahead! It feels more liberating if we always pick what makes us live to the fullest.

If you like to buy Clara’s book, you can buy it at this link:

And if you want to find out what we talked about in relation to diet and beyond, feel free to visit my Facebook page at @wellnessangel. You can also join our wellness tribe so we can help you discover your inner truths and practice with us!

Love and light!

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