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The Early Bird Still Gets The Worm

“Change the Game” Pepsi said in one of its slogans. Stop hitting that snooze button, get up, and make the choice to go early! Here are reasons why you should:

  • ·Promotes Efficiency and Focus

With less time spent on traffic and less distractions, we get more things done at peace. Tasks don't pile up either.

  • Allows us to prepare for the day

Like athletes, we also need to warm up! We can freshen up, list down the things needed for the day, and enjoy a simple me-time.

  • Delights our colleagues and superiors

One way of earning respect in the workplace is being early and having a good attendance record.

  • Getting To Clock Out Early

We get more time to ourselves and the things that matter. We get to have dinner with family, a yoga session with friends, or catch up on rest.

Personally, I go to my workstation early and do my own warm-ups. I drink tea, meditate, and check today’s agenda before starting work. Creating a routine is more flexible when we start early. We manifest our success through the small habits we build.

What about you? Do you start your day early? What do you do before you start working?

Let’s live a Life Ignited!

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