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The Power of Checklists And Why You Should Keep One Too!

As someone who has a busy schedule, there are times when some things slip from my mind. Just like this blog. This was supposed to be posted yesterday. For some reason, I forgot to include this task in my to-do list for the day.

I call these things that I need to accomplish, laundry list because it feels like it's never ending. It helps me set my priorities, and manage my time better!

Nothing feels as satisfying as ticking off my finished tasks for the day.

Checklists are a powerful tool in keeping a people who wear a lot of hats, avoid burnout and stay on top of their game. Here’s a list of why it is better to keep a checklist.

1. ) It allows us to map out things clearly

Creating checklists allows us to ponder what we need, what we want, and see things in order.

2. ) We get to manage our time better

If time is an issue, we need to allot time to the things we need to do, we want to do, and our rest times. It is an excellent practice to keep ourselves focused.

3. ) Keeps healthy relationships with others

People appreciate it when we make time despite our hectic schedules. When we have a checklist, we get reminded that we have a Sunday brunch with parents or a Saturday Zoom night with friends.

It’s a win-win because we get to spend our time meaningfully with the people we love, and we tick off something from our checklist!

4. ) More time to rest

Checklists aid us in keeping track of our deadlines so we’ll know when to take a rest. When we are well-rested, we give our quality outputs and channel our creative juices better.

Do you have a laundry list? How many items were you able to wash today? Let us know in the comments below!

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