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The Sky's Our Limit!

As someone who has worked in the aviation industry for 27 years, I am proud to see how far aviation has progressed. Ever since we first learned to fly, we have worked hard to harness the power of the skies to create a great future for our civilization.

After all, flying had functioned as a means of progress. It connected people from all over the world, resulting in stronger bonds, wonderful encounters, numerous business prospects, and much more.

The sky is a reminder that the world is vast. But we are endlessly reminded that the sky’s the limit, and our imagination could lead us into the greatest, life-changing idea we could think of. Like the little boy, Russell, from the movie, Up said, “Adventure is out there! ”. Then he proceeded to reach the skies and have the biggest adventure.

Mankind had gone a long way to conquer the clouds. We, too, have reached our own skies in our own efforts. Flying should feel weightless and free. We shouldn’t focus on the people and things that are putting us down if we wish to go up!

It might take some time for us to take off. But, just as pilots and cabin crew train to operate aircrafts, we must also train for ourselves! Before we could eventually fly out there, we needed to discover what to alter, do our research, study, and prepare for check flights.

Once we have taken off, let us teach others how to spread their wings and enjoy their flight.

The aviation industry taught me a lot of life lessons. It shaped me in several ways. At first, I was just flying in a large metal tube in the sky. Little did I know, I was actually preparing to fly towards who I am today!

Happy Civil Aviation Day! We have gone so far! Let us live a life ignited.

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