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Three Roadblocks of Workplace Wellness (And How To Overcome Them)

Did you know that wellness programs in workplaces serve as a win-win for both employees and employers? Organizations that put their employees’ well-being first are often rewarded with higher productivity, closer workplace bonds, and reduced absenteeism.

There are times wherein workplace wellness hits roadblocks along the way. Here are some of those roadblocks, and what can we do to overcome them.

  • Not Having Enough Time

One of the most challenging things workers face is a lack of time. There are simply times when tasks are daunting, and cause a lot of pressure. And of course, we cannot force them to stay beyond office hours.

What we can do is slowly introduce and incorporate habits during company time. For example, dedicate a 15-minute wellness break. It is when employees can do some light stretching or mindfulness exercises. You can also conduct short breathwork or presencing before the start of meetings. It’ll give workers the much-needed focus and boost they need to combat energy dips.

  • Not Enough Funding

It can be challenging to introduce wellness when there are also financial constraints. The company has to work on how much budget they have allotted. To ensure funding, be sure that leaders must advocate for making opportunities happen and catch the interest of workers. On the other hand, I have seen employee-driven initiatives that didn't cost the company a single centavo — just moral support and recognition of those who volunteered to spearhead the project.

  • Not communicating enough

When introducing wellness programs, we have to make sure goals are clear and well-defined. It has to be designed based on the profile and real needs of our workforce. There may be times when we need to create separate programs for different age groups, gender, or even marital status. Make sure to collect feedback for further improvements to the program.

Roadblocks may be challenging, but no need to worry. With proper planning and communication, the pathway towards wellness will be more engaging and enjoyable. Let us grow our wings and fly together to fulfillment.

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