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Undergoing Life Transformation is a Step To Wellness

Let us look back on the last episode of Wellness Angel Channel about Life Transformation Through Lifestyle Changes.

First, ask yourself. Where are you right now on your transformation?

I invited one of my good friends, Janice Senorin-Delacruz, to do this podcast episode with me. Janice and I shared our personal stories and the insights we'd like to convey to our viewers. Our focus was more on habit-formation, health, and connections.

Some coaches say it takes at least three weeks to form a habit. I say habit-forming could take three months or more. It could even go on for a lifetime. We often tell ourselves that we want to make changes in our lives, but it is easier said than done. We need to find a deeper meaning that will push us to work on those changes.

Sustainability and consistency go hand-in-hand. We must gauge ourselves if we can sustain the work we do. Then we consistently take baby steps toward our goal. Remember, it is alright to backslide once in a while. There are moments wherein we tend to slide off from our main tracks. We keep on changing and adapting.

Here are some of our tips to work your way towards a better every day:

1.) Progress over perfection - Always enjoy the journey. We don't need to stress ourselves if we don't get it right on the first try. Remain consistent and trust the process. Never compare yourself to others. It’s not a one-size-fits-all.

2.) Connect with our bodies - Health is vital. We must take care of our physical well-being and listen to what our bodies need. Do proper exercises and eat well. Whatever dreams we have, we cannot work on them from a hospital bed.

3.) Get an accountability group - If we set our minds toward something, know that we cannot do it alone. Accountability buddies help us maintain our focus on our aim. They also bring us back to the right track and check our progress, in case we go off-road.

4.) Fight procrastination - Procrastination can cause us to think of excuses. This can lead to negative self-talk and end up not making any progress at all. To combat this, just simply do it. Start small, then push gradually towards bigger challenges. Practice mindfulness, or else you might end up distracted and waste time.

5.) Don’t dwell on the negatives - Many negative things are happening right now. But we should do our best to keep ourselves up and seek positive things. This can be our opportunity to reflect and discover the things we are good at.

Going through a lifestyle transformation can be scary. But remember that, the first step towards progress is facing our fears. Feel free to create prototypes and test them out. Change plans if things don’t work out. Acknowledge wins no matter how big or small. Every effort contributes toward success.

If you want to watch this episode, feel free to visit my Facebook page @wellnessangel. Please also join our Wellness Tribe so we can watch each others' progress and celebrate every win!

Love and light! See you!

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