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Wellness In the New Milleu

Two decades ago, I remember my husband kept on nagging me to start a fitness regimen. But instead of hitting the gym, I would pop a slimming pill in my mouth in order to shed some fats every time I felt my pants getting tight. Until one day, I discovered that the pill that I was taking contained amphetamines.

There is absolutely no shortcut when it comes to wellness. More so, it's a never-ending process. We need to take care of ourselves day in and day out if we want to live a happy and successful life.

The pandemic made it even more challenging. It presented that our health is not fully in the palm of our hands. One day we're running the marathon; the next day we can find ourselves in a hospital bed. But let's not focus on things that we cannot control.

Prevention is still better than cure!

Let's not wait for covid to hit our immune system before we start thinking of doing a bit of cardio every day. Let's be mindful of our sugar and saturated fat intake before our doctor starts prescribing maintenance meds. Let's stop smoking before we realize that the big C has rented out a space in our lungs.

The pandemic is quite over. Do not forget the lessons it has taught us — especially when it comes to taking care of our well-being. Let's turn the Covid years into an unforgettable teachable moment for us to live a longer and more meaningful life.

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