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What Are Your Checkpoints For Emotional Wellness?

Our emotional wellness is our ability to express, understand, and accept emotions. It allows us to handle stress, adapt, and bounce back from difficult times. You see, when our emotional well-being isn’t good, it also affects our other aspects of life.

Ever since the pandemic started, the quarantines made us do several forced changes in our lifestyle. Not just physically but also mentally and emotionally. Many of us have experienced emotional distress, and we felt that it’s hard to fall back on how we were pre-pandemic.

These times were challenging, and it simply zaps our energy much quicker.

We must seek time and ways for self-care to keep our emotional health in tip-top shape. Are you looking for ways to improve your emotional well-being? What you can do first is assess before planning.

Think of it like your checkpoint. You can pause for a moment, assess deeply, and ask yourselves some of these questions. You can jot it down in your journal.

  • What am I feeling right now?

  • Is there anything stressing me out?

  • What are my methods of coping when I’m distressed?

  • Have I connected with someone emotionally as of late?

  • Am I being mindful, or am I moving on autopilot as of the moment?

  • Am I expecting anything good in return?

  • What did I do last time to bounce back from setbacks?

  • What are the lessons I got from these experiences?

Once done with your assessment, it is time to map out your way towards emotional wellness. You can choose only one thing to improve on and take your time with it. After all, wellness is a continuous journey.

Remember, kindness starts by being kind to yourself emotionally. It may take time, but we all heal eventually. Time to kiss negativity, self-loathing, and self-depreciation goodbye!

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