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Why Small Talk Is Not Small At All

Small talks tend to be belittled because of how “monotone, formulaic, and shallow" — they can be. Some of us are not fond of it but we can’t escape it. We always encounter small talk in the family, in our workplace, and even online!

We should not underestimate how big small talk can be.

Why? For starters, small talk is an excellent ice breaker. It helps us remove the awkwardness and let others feel more at ease. Small talk allows us to form interactions, get to know individuals, and forge meaningful ties.

Small talk can build trust and rapport, which is very important in the workplace. It is, after all, one way to meet people who share our interests. It makes us feel less alone and helps us find people with whom we can get along.

We discover people beyond their appearances. For example, the gentle-looking new hire is weight-lifting right after work. Your intimidating-looking boss can be an active member of a knitting club!

Small talk aids us in learning new things and keeping us up to date. We give out and receive knowledge at the same time. During my travels, I love having small talks with the locals. Because of that, it made my travel experiences more fun and memorable! Beyond that, I love doing it with my guests onboard the aircraft. It never fails to deliver without a cinch any form of unexpected service failure recovery, because the small talks created very forgiving customers before any mishap occurs.

Small talk is anything but small and shallow. It deepens our relationships with others, creates bridges, and broadens our minds.

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