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Working Close To What We Wanted

I wanted to be many things when I was a youngster! I wanted to be a pilot, a teacher, and a beauty queen all at the same time. As I grew older, I realized that I achieved things close to what I wanted.

I became a flight attendant because that was the closest I could get to becoming a pilot, and a beauty queen. I'd get to fly and walk down the aircraft aisle smiling at my passengers. Before clipping my wings, I was also a leadership trainer.

Now I partner with different organizations so I can help people from all walks of life by designing and delivering effectual wellness programs, coaching them to create healthier habits and a winning mindset; and I also mentor college students to power their careers in the field of innovation. In a nutshell, I'm also a teacher.

We are frequently disheartened when things do not go as planned. We have tried our hardest, but there are some things we simply cannot control. Who knows? Maybe it's not yet our time. Perhaps what we actually desire will manifest itself in a different form, better yet, in a grander from.

A lot of us (especially young ones) give up our own dreams because we have a lot of struggles. Some have to choose survival. Some have unsupportive loved ones. It is alright if we choose to set aside our own aspirations, but we must not give up on it. There is no timeline in achieving success, anyhow.

And success is defined by how we put meaning into it.

Nevertheless, we need to work as close as possible to what we want. The more we enjoy and love the work that we do each day, the happier we are, and the healthier we become holistically.

Remember that it is completely okay to aim and shoot for the moon. No need to worry if we land on the stars instead. Who knows? We might even enjoy the company of the stars more.

Let's make sure that we sparkle in what we do.

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