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Your Cyberspace Is Still Your Space!

There are times I log in to social media and see people arguing online. I see it in my newsfeed. People are debating about celebrities and defending their favorite actors and actresses. Some would even insult their favorite boy groups, and enjoy getting an angry reaction from fans.

It sometimes gets petty. Some people would do “doxxing” or reveal the other party’s private information.

What should we do? We can hide posts, unfollow people and pages, or probably unfriend and unlike them. After all, we can customize what we see in our social media accounts. We may tailor it to our liking, and only get updates from those genuinely important to us.

We can see ourselves growing with every photo we post on social media. I enjoy going through my Facebook memories. It's like a trip down memory lane. I reminisce about the people and the moments, and compare how much I had grown from years before to now!

Cyberspace is still our space. We can fill it with things we like, things that make us happy, and for which we are grateful. We can also use it to keep the memories we made with our family and friends.

Conflict is unavoidable. However, conflict cannot exist without our participation. So, if you desire peace, pick your battles wisely and avoid petty ones.

Consider the butterfly effect. Will it matter in five days? In just five months? After five years? If not, do not jeopardize your mental health for something that might not be worth it.

Let’s create spaces for positivity. Subscribe to my blog!

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