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Five Reasons Writing Is Good For You

I love writing! I enjoy writing down my thoughts, and that piques my interest. My passion for writing is what inspired me to write my book and start this blog!

When I was still writing my book, #Metamorphosis, I would write my manuscripts in between flights. The moment it was published, I felt accomplished!

I had crossed something off my bucket list, and it seems as though I had made my mark on the world. I was able to share my life experiences and lessons with everyone.

Why should you write about your thoughts and anything that interests you?

Here are reasons why:

  • Helps us clear our minds, process our emotions, and organize our thoughts.

Needing a quick reset from mixed emotions and thoughts? Just write it out! Simply jot down whatever comes to mind. Organization comes later.

  • Creates room for creativity

Almost everything was born as a result of writing! The films, the novels, and so much more. Let your imagination go wild, and who knows? It could become the next best-seller!

  • Allows us to remember things and make more use of our time

Instead of worrying about forgetting something, we are more at ease and more focused on something worthwhile!

  • Gives a sense of accomplishment and gratitude

Writing is the best way of planning something out. It could also help us in manifesting something! It also counts when we write a Thank-You note to those who helped us in times of trouble.

  • Builds connections

Writing is a way to express our emotions and interests. Our written words are heartfelt and powerful. Let us use it to build others!

We are all authors and protagonists of our own stories. It’s up to us how we’ll write our adventures in the book of life.

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