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Five Ways How Reading Helps Our Overall Well-being

I love reading! Nothing beats a good book and some warm grean tea for pastime. In my case, I enjoy self-help books the most. One of my favorite books would be The 22 (Non-Negotiable) Laws of Wellness by Greg Anderson.

Books are one of my life's constants. Their allure never fails to inspire me, so I wrote and published my book! Books are a way for writers to leave their imprint on the world. Their words will continue to live no matter how much time has passed.

Why should we keep reading no matter how old we get? Read on!

1.) Reading keeps our minds healthy

When we read, it stimulates our brains. We expand our vocabulary, boost our comprehension, and allow our imaginations to run wild. Research has also proven that reading helps in lowering the risk of dementia.

2.) Keeps our stress levels and blood pressure in check

Who would have thought that reading helps in keeping our physical health well too? There was a study that proved reading can promote our health the same way yoga and meditation do.

3. ) Improves concentration

Have you ever read such a good book that you didn’t notice how much time has passed? Guilty! Reading allows us to establish our focus on a single activity and banishes distractions!

4. ) Helps us sleep soundly

Many doctors recommend reading before going to bed. Make sure to read a printed book since the light emitted from our phones or tablets can keep us awake longer than we should.

5. ) Heightens our sense of empathy

When we read, it triggers our imagination. We could also feel the emotions expressed by the words written in the book. In turn, this hones our empathy so we can build and maintain social relationships.

What have you been reading lately? Let us know!

Let’s keep our minds strong and healthy! Subscribe to my blog!

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