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Great Learners Become Great Leaders

Before I became a corporate wellness consultant, I was a cabin manager and a leadership trainer in the aviation industry. And before I could operate the flight and lead the flight attendants, I had to be a flight attendant first! I took the crew seat at the tail end of the aircraft for years, before I got to sit behind the cockpit door; and be in-charge of the well-being of people inside a metal capsule worth millions of dollars. I had to learn the basics. I made some mistakes, and gained confidence along the way. As a leader, I should know all the standard operating procedures (safety, security, service, aviation health, emergency) by heart, so I could make sound judgment for my crew and passengers.

For me to teach people how to fly, I should learn how to fly first. Then I’d fly with these people until they’re ready to venture the skies alone and lead their own flock.

Great leaders walk the talk. They encourage collaboration and the exchange of ideas. They listen to feedback. They know how to give credit where it’s due. They know how to motivate and help people grow. They don't take crap, and they're fair. They want only what is best from the people they lead.

Great leaders take time to develop themselves and grow successfully by themselves. They ignite their own torches so they could light up the torches of others. Then the flame they have started will also pass on and light up more torches.

Hearing words of appreciation from subordinates is enough to touch a leader’s heart. When was the last time you expressed gratitude to your superior?

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