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Learn to Fly by Failing

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Mistakes and failures are part of life. Maybe I’m really too hard on myself, but I tend to cry over spilled milk all the time. When I fail, my mind wouldn’t stop racing with I should haves, and I could haves.

I remember taking the train in Europe during my layovers as a flight attendant. I couldn’t count the number of times when I took the wrong train. It wasn’t easy really. Especially when you couldn’t understand the language, matched with trains alongside each other on one platform. When this happens, I would sulk and mumble all the things that I could think of as a consequence of my wrong decision. Time and energy wasted on stuff that I could no longer change — instead of just enjoying the ride.

Letting go quickly of a wrong decision is really tough. I’m getting better at it though — with the help of a few breathworks. Have you tried the 4-7-8 breathing technique? I swear it helps!

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