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Musings: How do we shine in our darkest moments?

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

I read an interesting article using the moon as a metaphor. Just like humans it doesn’t have its own light. It reflects light from the sun.

Have you ever experienced being sad and frustrated... then a friend calls, and all of a sudden you feel refreshed and energized? They say emotions are just emotions. You must not allow it to eat you up longer than it should. But what about when you get hurt deeply or when you lose someone? I guess, the healing and the grieving takes a lot longer. It's okay not to be okay, but you cannot sulk forever.

Let’s go back to the moonlight. Think that God is our sun, our infinite Source of Light. And we are moons reflecting this Light. Our daily challenge is to be a new moon — to shine the brightest, especially in times when others are experiencing an eclipse. Conversely, we should be humble enough that in our darkest moments, we too are willing to savour the light of other moons.

So, how's your light? Is your moonlight radiant or is it flickering because of so many curveballs that the world is throwing your way? Don’t wait... reach out or give forth, and look where you can let your light shine.

May your light always shine the brightest for the rest of your days...

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