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Managing Business and Tax-Related Stress For Wellness

Hello, everyone!

For our last episode on the Wellness Angel Channel, we talked about decoding tax and accounting stress.

I used to hate numbers. I wasn’t fond of anything that was math related. But when I became an entrepreneur myself, I realized that I must learn the importance of these numbers and terms to manage my business.

For this session, I invited my friend and fellow coach, Coach Aiet de la Torre. She is the co-founder of XDT and Company Inc. With her expertise and experience, she shared her tips and insights on the typical roadblocks entrepreneurs and freelancers encounter in their businesses. She even answered questions relating to compliance and filing from our live audience.

Coach Aiet first described the types of clients her company encounters. Then she discussed the typical roadblocks her clients would come across. That's why she gave tips on managing our business and being compliant with governing bodies.

  • Focus on your core competencies. Do what you love and what you’re good at.

  • Delegate the tasks you’re not so good at to other people who can do them well. It lessens stress and allows you to pay more attention to your strengths.

  • When faced with something difficult, try to understand it.

  • To have quality clients, register your business. Professionalize it! It helps you to gain the trust of your clients more.

  • For those who are filing their own documents and taxes, always visit the BIR website. This is to keep you posted on tax updates and due dates for tax collection. Use the internet to your advantage and pay online if you have the option to.

  • Prepare a business contingency plan. It pays to be a step ahead.

  • For those who got affected by Covid or had to stop business for several reasons, get a clearance from BIR to close. That way, your dues won’t pile up, and you’d be able to start with a clean slate.

  • Choose someone diligently. They will care about you and the business you do.

  • It always counts to join a community that will support you. You make new connections and meet new mentors. Learn the wisdom imparted by someone more experienced, and prevent yourself from committing the same mistakes.

This session is jam-packed with tips and tricks that will help us manage our business. There is happiness in doing things correctly the first time. If you are part of team replay, feel free to watch it on my Facebook page: @wellnessangel.

If you are looking for a support group that helps you thrive and learn, join our Wellness Tribe! We built a community that will support you and celebrate your every success!

Light and love!

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